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Absolutely Preddie


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Our Mission


our mission

"Give beauty a face." We believe that everyone is beautiful and because of that, we've designed for every race, gender, and age. Anyone can find a color to suit their needs.


Welcome to Absolutely Preddie by Ashlee Preddie.  Ashlee Preddie, a New York makeup artist, fell in love with makeup at a very young age. Everything inspired her, such as colors, products, and other makeup artist.  However, a lot of lipstick and lip products did not fall in love with her.  Ashlee had a few allergic reactions to certain products, therefore, leaving her to create her own.  


Ashlee started creating small lipsticks at home using organic pigments and ingredients and selling them at a salon she worked at.  Not know that people would fall in love with her products, it created a large demand and Absolutely Preddie was born.